Educational Resource Management


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Our Service offering:

For last 7 years through our study on educational institutions, and 4 years of practical service delivery experience, we have divided the whole process of an education system into three different lifecycle management:

  1. Institute Life Cycle Management
  2. Parent & Student Life Cycle Management
  3. Teacher / Faculty Life Cycle Management

Each life cycle contains several steps that have been developed considering the demand of users existing in present educational eco system settings.

ERM provides a wide range of services which are simple and effortless solutions to help educational institutions manage their entire administrative, academic, logistic and financial duties with ease and efficiency.

ERM can be divided into the following stand alone modules

This list has been prepared after a through implementation experience in 30 educational institutions. It has been compiled and set for your review. Please note that the list provided is not final and can be altered by clients. The list is shared so the client can get clearer understanding on the services and also share their own ideas.

Please feel free to call us for explanation on any of the modules below

  1. Profile Management
    • Institution Profile
    • Faculty/Employee Profile
    • Student/Parent Profile
  2. General Notice Board
  3. Student Attendance Management
  4. Faculty Management
    • Employee Attendance Management
    • Faculty Leave Management
    • Substitute Teacher Management
  5. Website and Social Site Management
  6. Time Table Management
  7. Academic Calendar Management
  1. Advising Module
  2. Fees Management
  3. Curriculum Management
  4. Exam and Control Module
  5. Result/grade Management
  6. Greetings Management
  7. Directory Service
  8. Discipline Record Management
  9. Faculty Evaluation Module
  10. Transcript Management
  11. Convocation Management
  12. Alumni Management
  13. MIS reporting and Analysis

Other Modules: Admission Management, Human Resource Information Management, Recruitment Management etc. The details of the modules will be shared with at the process design phase. Subject to the requirement of institution any module can be developed.

Sales Models

Based on the client’s requirements the service is offered in two commercial models

Managed Service model

The model is popularized in the recent days especially by the mobile telecom industry where based on core competence organization can get services from outsourced model but in a controlled environment. The organization holds all the right and control and ensures the required service. Advantage of such service is

  • No capital
  • Lifelong maintenance

License Sales Model

This is the traditional model, where organization will buy out the license and use the service through their own human resource and the maintenance and running of the service will be the sole responsibility of the organization. Considering the challenges we offer the service as follows;

  • Prolonged installment payout option
  • Two cycle handholding plan

End to End solution: 

Process Design

  • With knowledge on implementation on different educational institutions, the best practices of any institutions can be implemented elsewhere
  • During the process of module customization / design the redefined process flow enhances the efficiency of educational institutions

Data Collection and Entry

  • In the managed service model we provides each client institute with two service desk operators and their working materials like computer, UPS, scanner etc. In license sales model the necessary set of equipments has to be provided by the client
  • These operators will collect and input data right from the institute
  • Multiple units can be installed for branches which are far from one another and yet you can get a compiled data at one place

Data Storage

  • Inserted data will be stored in web server which has unlimited data storage capacity and accessible 24X7. In the licensed sales model the server at client premises will work as the main data center
  • Data server has backup in three sub-continents USA, UK and AUSTRALIA. In License sales model we also provide cloud based backup service at a competitive price
  • Data can be checked from any location

Data Analysis and Processing

  • Stored data is then processed and analyzed in the system automatically as per the requirements set by the client at the process design stage
  • Various types of analysis like comparison between class to class, year to year performance etc can be generated as per concern stakeholder and as per pre set interval

Customized Reporting

  • Countless general as well as customized reports for the stakeholders (principal, admin, teacher, parent and student) will be generated from the data

360 Degree delivery channel

  • Generated reports and information will be disseminated with the stakeholders through a specialized 360 degree service delivery channel (Mobile SMS, Mobile Application, Internet- E-mail, Internet-Website, Direct Mailer and Call Center)


Strategic Benefits:

  • Low cost or no cost maintenance services
  • Complete automation of almost all operations
  • More time to focus on strategic and academic tasks
  • Anywhere availability – Internet or Intranet
  • Conversion to a paperless truly green environment
  • Up gradation for the institution with competitors

Institute/Teacher Benefits:

  • Effective and instant communication between teachers, parents and students
  • Parent wise & teacher wise & student wise communication
  • Can send information which can be checked from any location
  • Enhances and eases communication
  • Reduces paper work and saves time and creation of educational institutions’ technology savvy image
  • Centrally stored information with zero redundancy
  • Auto-generation of timetables with dynamic substitute management
  • Microscopic as well as macroscopic views in different aspect of the Institution
  • Automated and quick report generation along with process turnaround time
  • User friendly interface requiring minimal learning and IT skills
  • High level data security
  • Enhance institution image among competitors 

Parents/Student Benefits:

  • Access to information and instant alert on timetable, marks, grades and examination schedule as and when updated
  • Frequent interaction with teachers
  • Enhanced interaction with teachers, parents and peers
  • Self development and get acquainted and self upgraded with use of technology
  • Ease up the communication flow among peers and teachers
  • Active participation in academic activities
  • For parent this is a reliable platform for update on child’s attendance, progress report and fee payment and over all development
  • Scope to participate in polling and voting

And many more…

The Implementation flow chart:

Every institution has its own customization requirement. On top due to a proper implementation of an automated system it has been a big challenge in change management. To make the process more efficient and interactive a 4 step development process is followed for the customization and implementation of ERM service in any institution;

Step 1 – Requirement Analysis

In this step the regular modules along with its operational benefits are shared with the institution in a close and interactive manner. The objective is to gather the requirement of the institution so the mapping of the customization takes place

Step 2 – Mapping and Tailoring

Most of the case the existing module can be implemented very shortly as it is been designed and developed with a long period of experience. So the mapping is done with existing process. But if a new requirement is discovered a development report along with a development plan will be shared with the client. In this stage concerned person will collects sample copies of documents that are currently used or jointly design any new document if there is any change in the current practice. A document will be developed based on the process briefing and collected sample documents and this outline will be shared with concerned stakeholders of the institute for their further review

Step 3 – Customization or Development

In this stage ERM team will start the process of customization or development based on the finding in the Mapping and Tailoring stage. After the customization or development is complete the new module will be integrated with other modules for easy access of all concerned stakeholders.

Stage 4 – Orientation

Orientation-Session is a vital part of implementation which will be organized for concerned person(s)/stakeholders of the institute conducted by ERM team to demonstrate the functionalities of the module through a Interactive-Presentation and provide documentation for the stakeholders of the institute.


We understand that for every process, different institution has different police and system and so customization for different institutions’ requirement is necessary. On a managed service model being part of your every day process, we are open for any customization requirements.